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HOA Corner: Can I run a business out of my Sterling Ranch home?

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

If you'd like to run a small business out of your home, here are the CAB rules

I'm often asked what you can - and can't - do in and to your Sterling Ranch home. We thought the Sterling Ranch Roundup would be a helpful forum to answer the frequently asked questions we've received. Keep in mind Sterling Ranch's rules and regulations, ownership guidelines, design review processes, and other policies change over time, so check first with Sterling Ranch's Community Authority Board (the CAB is Sterling Ranch's equivalent to a HOA) regarding your particular issue. In other words, don't rely exclusively on this Roundup post - ask your realtor or the CAB for the latest and great information. With that said, on to today's question!

Question: Can I run a business out of my home?

According to the Sterling Ranch Residential Property Owners Guidebook (June 2017 version), you can operate a business out of your home so long as:

(1) There's no external evidence of the business that's discernible.

(2) The business doesn't unreasonably inconvenience neighboring properties.

(3) No more than one vehicle at a time is parked at the residence by a person using the in-home business services.

So no businesses that require exterior signage or significant in-person or vehicle traffic, or that might interfere in some way with your neighbors.

As an example of a likely permitted business, my husband is an attorney. He could operate a small law practice out of his home office so long as he complies with (1)-(3). Or if you're a freelancer or 1099 providing some form of consulting services, such as marketing or IT, you'll be fine, just don't erect a billboard in your yard or ask clients to meet you at your home.

How about a short term rental business (VRBO/Airbnb)? These are not permitted, though longer-term leasing deals (e.g., 30 days or more) are ok, subject to certain requirements.

Special rules apply to in-home child care or pre-school businesses. If you're thinking about operating either of those, regardless of the number of children, you need to approach Sterling Ranch's Review Committee and obtain prior approval (be prepared to present evidence showing you have all the required licenses, among other potential requirements).

Given Sterling Ranch's pole position as Colorado's first 1 Gig Internet community, you can expect a lot of tech workers and small tech businesses popping up. Generally, those should be fine (though Pied Piper-style operations likely won't work - sorry Richard). Again, just follow the rules.

If you have a question you would like the Roundup to look into, feel free to e-mail me at As your Sterling Ranch real estate expert, I'm just as interested in finding out the answers to your questions as you are! We will continue to post FAQs, and answers to those FAQs, from time to time so please check back with the Roundup often!

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