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Cattle drive through Sterling Ranch

Get ready cowboys and cowgirls! If you're in Sterling Ranch this weekend, you're in luck! Cowboys will lead a cattle drive from through along the eastern side of Providence Village on Sunday (11/21/21) at 11:00 AM.

If you'd like a higher elevation view of all the action, you can watch from the Overlook Clubhouse, though keep in mind space is limited so be sure to arrive early and bring your own chair.

After the cattle drive, you can also meet the riders at the Overlook Clubhouse. Our friends at the Sterling Ranch CAB will have free Woodhill BBQ sandwiches for the first 150 people and hot dogs for the kids.

Here's what Sterling Ranch's CAB has to say about the cattle drive:

"Sterling Ranch’s development plan embraces Colorado’s Western Spirit. Cattle and ranching are important parts of the neighborhood's history and a sustainable future. Embracing this history is bringing a cattle drive to Sterling Ranch. Cowhands will move cattle from their summer grazing pasture through Sterling Ranch to their winter grazing pasture. Rotational grazing isn’t a new idea when it comes to moving cattle. Rotational grazing is healthier for the land and plants. When done properly, pasture rotation can prevent overgrazing, create fire mitigation, aid in optimal regrowth of plants, and allow the same piece of ground to be grazed several times during their growing season. Moving livestock around improves ecosystem health."

You can learn more about the cattle drive and register here.


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