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Bus service in Sterling Ranch

Douglas County Schools provide school bus service in Sterling Ranch

A bus drops off students close to Sterling Ranch's Community Info. Center in October 2018

If you're a Sterling Ranch family, rest assured that Douglas County School District offers bus service in the community. While Sterling Ranch's feeder schools are only 5-10 minutes away by car, it's nice knowing that there's a bus system that serves the neighborhood today.

If you'd like more information on bus service, you can check out Douglas County's bus service home page here. Keep in mind that a lot of Sterling Ranch's new addresses might not work in the bus route search function, so you may need to e-mail or call directly to figure out times and stops.

Until Sterling Ranch is large enough to support its own dedicated schools, Sterling Ranch’s neighborhood schools in the Douglas County School District are:

  • Roxborough Primary (grades K-2)

  • Roxborough Intermediate (grades 3-6)

  • Ranch View Middle School (grades 7-8)

  • ThunderRidge High School (grades 9-12)

Here's a Roundup post with more information on Roxborough. Did you know that 30-40% of Roxborough Primary & Intermediate School parents work at Lockheed Martin's nearby space facility?

Here's a Roundup post with more information on Ranch View. Did you know that every student who attends Ranch View automatically participates in the International Baccaleaureate (IB) program?

Here's a Roundup post with more information on ThunderRidge. Did you know that ThunderRidge offer 22 AP classes, and 15 IB classes?

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