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New splash pad, sledding hill and a second rec center? New neighborhood is in the works

New Sterling Ranch neighborhood - with exciting potential amenities - picks up steam

One of the preliminary site plans for the new neighborhood (filed June 2020)

Here at the Roundup we chat with Sterling Ranch’s builders on a daily basis. We're checking on lot availability, pricing out lots and upgrades (so our clients have an idea of what their new home will cost "all-in" before they sign a contract), working with the builders to do these amazing free 3D tours for our clients, and even doing pre-drywall and punchlist inspections with our clients and their builders.

Pink and blue on bottom left are approx. location

The short story is we talk to the builders a lot.

Sterling Ranch's first two neighborhoods - Providence Village and Ascent Village - are well under construction. But what we're hearing from the builders, and what we've seen with Sterling Ranch's public filings, is that a new neighborhood is picking up steam.

Located in the southwest corner of Sterling Ranch along Rampart Ridge Road, the new neighborhood includes two filings - 3A and 3B. We're not sure what the final name of the neighborhood might be, but very early site plans from years ago used the name Prospect Village. To make it easier, we'll call the neighborhood Prospect in this article, but of course this could change.

Let's talk about Prospect's amenities first.

Check out #1 on the site plan. Right now, this area is slated for a potential recreation center, community gathering area, splash pad/play equipment, seating areas with benches, and/or a picnic shelter/shade structure. That's quite a lot so we'll see what eventually makes the final cut, but the park area is over 7 acres so it's possible Sterling Ranch could fit in many if not most of these amenities.

New rec center location

#4 on the map (see the site plan at the top of this article) is where a trail and trailhead with seating areas, a picnic shelter/shade structure, and/or playground could be located.

We also heard a sledding hill could go in at this location as well.

Overall, the project includes 1.991 acres of green space and 19.551 acres of open space. A 6 foot crusher fines trail will run along much of the perimeter providing access to a regional multi-use trail and open spaces.

As for what's being built, Filing 3A of Prospect includes 323 residential units. 184 of these will be single family homes. 139 units will be attached homes - 120 units will be duplexes; 19 units will be townhomes (Curious about townhomes? Check out what's currently available in Sterling Ranch). The total residential lot area will be 29.430 acres. In addition, there is one 12.297-acre superblock lot.

View outside a framed home in Providence Village

Filing 3B of Prospect includes 195 residential units, all of which will be single family homes. The total residential lot area will be 27.130 acres. In addition, there is one 10.913-acre superblock which could be a multi-family development.

No schools are anticipated for this new neighborhood. Sterling Ranch continues to work closely with Douglas County School District and has already dedicated about 12 acres in Providence Village for a future school. Check out "What's going on with Sterling Ranch schools?" if you'd like to learn more about the neighborhood's schools.

Site work has already begun on Prospect. We don't have firm timing for the new village, but last year we heard that infrastructure installations would occur in late 2019 until mid-2020, with vertical building tentatively slated for 2020-2021. This timing seems to synch with what's currently happening on site.

Mariel helps a client select a kitchen island

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*Sterling Ranch is currently under construction, and as is common with large, in-flight master developments, various aspects of the community - including Prospect - may change over time. All images taken from publicly-available filings. Filings can change.*

Mariel Ross is a realtor who specializes in helping clients budget for, design, and build their dream homes. At Focus Real Estate we've helped clients build hundreds of new homes around Denver with Lennar, Parkwood, Richmond, Wonderland, Shea, and many other builders.

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