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The inside scoop on Atlas Coffee, Sterling Ranch’s newest tenant

From Craft Coffee to Kombucha to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Atlas has something for everyone

Atlas' original location in Littleton's Ken Caryl neighborhood

Every community needs a focal point, a place where friends can meet, children can play, community groups can congregate, and business can be discussed.  The focal point for many neighborhoods these days is the local coffee shop.  As a new community, many of Sterling Ranch’s other potential meeting spots - from the recreation centers to the schools - are still at the blueprint stage, but not so for the community’s go-to coffee shop! 

As we wrote about in the Roundup recently, one of the Sterling Center’s first commercial tenants - Atlas Coffee - announced that it will be opening this fall.  I was so excited I had to find out more, and Brad Heykoop, owner of Atlas Coffee, was kind enough to speak to the Roundup about Atlas.  So here’s your sneak peek!  

Atlas serves Corvus-brewed coffee

First, some quick background.  Atlas is a locally-owned, community-focused craft coffee shop created to serve the southern Denver community.  As part of Atlas’ commitment to Colorado, Atlas proudly serves coffee roasted by Corvus Coffee - a premier, small-batch, locally-based roaster. So when you and I buy a cup of delicious gourmet coffee from Atlas at the Sterling Center this fall, we’ll not only be supporting our local coffee shop, but we’ll also be supporting our local roaster.  Pretty cool!

One of the first questions I had for Brad was why he chose the Sterling Center as Atlas’ second location (Atlas’ other location is in Ken Caryl). Here’s his response: “The Sterling Center will provide much more customer space and a very aesthetically pleasing environment (inside as well as outside). The additional space and partnership with Grist and Sterling Ranch will give us the ability to provide a variety of seating arrangements for meetings, people who want to connect and those who want to disconnect and read, work, and so on.”  

Yes, you heard that right - Sterling Ranch residents will enjoy a variety of meeting spaces, both inside and outside (I call first dibs on one of the patio seats!).

And when can we expect Atlas to open?  Good news.  According to Brad, assuming permits, contractors, and everything else falls into place, you can expect Atlas to open in about 60 days - so hopefully sometime in October.

A little daylight savings fun at the Ken Caryl location

Atlas’ menu will look similar to its Ken Caryl location, so you can expect everything from the classics like silky cappuccino and espresso, to modern favorites like Italian sodas and Kombucha, to food items like macaroni and cheese (great for the kids!) and one of my personal favorites, chicken avocado club sandwiches.  It will be a perfect spot for breakfast and lunch! Knowing how I’m always touring Sterling Ranch with clients, I suspect many days I’ll be stopping by Atlas for both meals! (I should’ve asked Brad about meal plan options – maybe next time).

So there’s your sneak peak.  Welcome Atlas Coffee!  I’ll give Brad the last word:

“We created Atlas with the idea of building community through the creation of craft coffee.  From building opportunity for workforce development in the bean-growing countries where our coffee is sourced, to creating a space that welcomes all members of the community for meetings, connections, and sharing, we saw a great alignment between our own mission and that of the creators of Sterling Ranch. We couldn't be prouder to become a part of this community.”

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