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Taylor Morrison releases prime lots

Rare Burns Park lots in Littleton's Providence Village are expected to sell quickly

If you've toured Sterling Ranch, you've likely driven by the future location of Burns Park. If you haven't yet had a chance to visit, Burns Park is located on the western edge of Providence Village on some of the highest ground in the community, overlooking the foothills and Waterton Canyon.

To be blunt, Burns Park - and the homesites across the street from the park - are spectacular real estate.

There are only 16 premium homesites next to Burns Park available to build your own custom Taylor Morrison Eldora, Aspen, Arapahoe, or Avon model, and a number of these homesites have already sold. But I have good news - Taylor Morrison just released four new lots, including Lots 616A, 617A, and 618A. In the site plan above, these lots are located between Estes Park Avenue and Garden City Avenue, directly across the street from the park. Taylor Morrison also released Lot 595, which is located off of Estes Park Avenue.

If you'd like more information about any of these homesites (such as lot premiums, build-out costs, and so on), as your Sterling Ranch realtor I'd love to answer any questions you have! E-mail me any time at Also, if you're not sure how a realtor like me fits into the new-build process, check out this Roundup post, where I dish on everything from the real cost of your home to what a realtor like me costs (quick spoiler - you don't pay any additional fees if you have a realtor represent you!).

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