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Sterling Ranch partners with bird conservancy

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies assists community with conservation efforts

Burrowing owls call Sterling Ranch home

Sterling Ranch is a community full of nature. On any given day you might come across whitetail or mule deer, red foxes, prairie dogs, or cottontail rabbits. Our neighbor to the immediate north, Chatfield State Park, boasts third hundred different bird species either living in or migrating through the park (on a side note, if you're interested in birdwatching in Chatfield, you might consider spending the night in the park - here's a Roundup article with everything you need to know about grabbing the perfect campsite in the park if you'd like to learn more). And just the other day my husband came across a coyote south of Providence Village - which is not an uncommon sight in this part of Colorado.

Many of my real estate clients love Sterling Ranch because of this abundance of wildlife, and if you're one of those who loves nature, you might be interested to hear about one of Sterling Ranch's latest partnerships. This partnership revolves around yet another local resident - the burrowing owl.

Recently, Sterling Ranch's official Facebook account helped promote an article announcing the community's partnership with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. Of particular note, a few months ago Bird Conservancy staff and volunteers constructed nesting burrows for burrowing owls within an existing prairie dog town in Sterling Ranch. You can read more about the partnership and conservation efforts here.

Special thanks to Sterling Ranch's official Facebook account for helping promote this wonderful story!

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