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July in Sterling Ranch - A photo essay

Where the Great American Plains meet the Colorado Rockies, you'll find Littleton's Sterling Ranch (and with it, a lot of cool photo opportunities!)

A summer storm rolls through the future location of Burns Park.

Here are 8 pictures I snapped in Sterling Ranch the week of July 4th. I hope you enjoy! If you take a photograph of the community you enjoy and would like to share, e-mail me at and I'll post them on the Roundup!

Just one of many large bike lanes throughout Providence Village.

Is this a street sign, or a sign pointing to a trailhead?

My son insisted on trying out the slide on one of the new playgrounds as we were touring!

The incredible cupola on my client's new Parkwood home in Providence Village. Classic!

Sunflowers across the street from a Taylor Morrison home.

The view from another client's first floor. Lot selection is key. Mountain views galore!

Across Highway 85 from Sterling Ranch. No Biff Tannen sighting (yet).

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