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Indoor/outdoor living in Sterling Ranch - a quick picture of potential

I wanted to quickly post this picture of a beautiful Wonderland home in Sterling Ranch. Check out the double pane sliding doors, how the configuration of the patio with the great room effectively adds a room and square footage to your home in the summertime, and most importantly the view of the mountains in the background!

I'm seeing these types of patios and double pane glass doors more and more in new-build homes in Colorado ... and for good reason. Buyers love having the option of bringing the outdoors inside, and vice versa, in the summertime. In fact, one of the few regrets I have with my own Parkwood new-build is that I didn't upgrade my third floor deck windows. I absolutely love my home, but I sure wouldn't mind having a set-up like the one in this Wonderland!

Remember, one of the advantages of building a new home is that you can not only customize interior options with Sterling Ranch's builders, but some builders will let you upgrade your sliding glass doors, patios, and outdoor space in general. I've researched fire pits, hot tubs, and other fun items for my Sterling Ranch clients. I'd love to help you pick the perfect outdoor set-up for your Sterling Ranch home in Providence Village! Contact me any time at

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