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Meet the Saybrook Brewster. You will be BFFs, I promise.

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Sorry, that's a little dramatic, even for me. But this 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3,487 square foot home priced at $849,900 is available now in Sterling Ranch, and it's incredible. Built on a designated "Icon" lot, this home features some of Parkwood's most stunning interior and exterior options.

My favorite feature? The gigantic third floor loft. I toured the Saybrook a couple weeks ago and spent some time on the third floor pondering how I would use the space. A CEO-sized office and media room? A huge guest suite (those lucky guests)? On a similar vein, an in-law or Millenial suite? A combination home movie theater and kids' play room? If whomever buys this home would at least consider sending me pictures of what they d0 with this wonderful space post-purchase, I would appreciate it. I'd love to see what they do!

A few other features worth noting include the two rear southwest facing decks and the wrap-around front porch (you will not want for outdoor deck space with this home), traditional brick chimney, bay window, butler's pantry, mudroom, and breakfast nook.

I would love to give you the inside scoop on the Saybrook Brewster any time - contact me at I designed, built, and live in a beautiful Parkwood myself, so trust me when I say craftsmanship and old world quality are Parkwood hallmarks. The Saybrook exudes these qualities in spades.

Check out the pictures below. Also, here's a comprehensive video tour of the house (look out for the third floor at the 1:17 mark).

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