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A 69 acre puppy playground - right next to Sterling Ranch

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

69 acres, 2 ponds, and miles of trails await your puppy BFF just down the road in Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park, one of Denver's largest state parks, sits just north of Sterling Ranch. It's so close to Sterling Ranch, in fact, that walking trails will eventually connect the community and the park. So someday - if you're especially ambitious - you'll be able to jog from your Sterling Ranch home, through Chatfield, and back home again. No car necessary.

Another cool feature in the park dog lovers will appreciate is the expansive Dog Off-Leash Area, which boasts 69 acres of completely fenced open space for your dogs to run wild in. The Off-Leash Area also includes two surprisingly large ponds for your doggie swimmers and miles of paved and unpaved walking trails.

There are trash cans throughout the park, and ample parking is available (2 parking lots). To park, you can enter off either Santa Fe or Wadsworth, but keep in mind that the Santa Fe entrance may be during the offseason. Also, don't forget to bring water for your dogs, though in the summer water stations are occasionally available.

The Off-Leash Area is a pay facility, so you'll need to either pay the $2 daily fee or purchase a $20 annual pass. Also, you'll need a valid Park Pass ($8 per day, $70 annual). Given Chatfield's proximity to Sterling Ranch, I suspect many residents with four-legged friends who love to run will opt into the $90 package ($70 annual Park Pass + $20 annual Dog Off-Leash Area Pass) so they can use the facility over and over again throughout the year.

Last note - Chatfield is currently undergoing a $160 million renovation (check out the details in this Roundup post), but the good news is that it doesn't appear the Off-Leash Area will be impacted. That said, there's a lot going on in the park, so you should check Chatfield's Reallocation Project website before you head over to the Off-Leash area to make sure there are no parking or road closures or other improvements that might impact your visit.

Trust me, this is one of the best off-leash parks in Denver - check it out!

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