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A sophisticated, forward-thinking Littleton home

Located in Littleton's Sterling Ranch neighborhood, this beautiful 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home is available now for $728,628 - before incentives (yes, I said incentives!)

Wonderland's 3,233 square foot Meadowlark Plan B is available now. Tour it today!

I've always loved Wonderland's homes for their modern style, cozy nooks, and perfect use of space. As just one example of how Wonderland gets the details "just right", many home purchasers in Sterling Ranch want to maximize interior light and outdoor views. Well, Wonderland is known for its soaring windows - check out this Roundup post on Wonderland's windowed masterpiece, the Oriole, which is also available for purchase today for $737,323. This Meadowlark Plan B is a windowed masterpiece in its own right, as it also has an abundance of gorgeous windows. Talk about getting it "just right"!

Yes, you counted correctly. There are 7 windows in this main floor room.

This Meadowlark has a main floor master, a 3-car tandem garage, a unique kids lair, huge bedrooms, and high-tech and high-efficiency features throughout the home. Located at 9875 Hilberts Way, Littleton, Colorado, the home also boasts luxurious vaulted ceilings in the kitchen and main living room, a centerpiece fireplace, and a beautiful master bathroom. Check out the photographs below!


Wonderland is offering incentives on 3 different homes right now: the Meadowlark, the windowed masterpiece Oriole I linked to above, and this beautiful Meadowlark Plan A. I often hear from my clients on the buy-side how difficult the Denver and Littleton real estate markets can be. Well-priced, quality homes are often subject to bidding wars, and it's hard to feel like you're getting a good deal when you're forced to bid tens of thousands of dollars over list price to purchase a resale home. Well, the good news is several of the builders in Sterling Ranch are offering substantial incentives if you contract for a home today - so deals can be had!

Incentives for these Wonderland homes end July 4th, so time is limited! Shoot me a note at, and I'd be happy to price out any of these Wonderland homes for you - incentives, upgrades, lot premiums, closing costs, and other fees included. I've helped my clients build over 50 new-build homes in Denver, so I know a lot of the new-build tricks of the trade on the financial side. My goal is to get you the best possible home at the lowest price possible!

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