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Fast Facts About Sterling Ranch

I’ve fielded several requests to provide a short “cheat sheet” on basic Sterling Ranch facts – so here it is!

Also, here are several maps of Sterling Ranch and surrounding areas to help orient you.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail me at  I'll continue to update this page over time.


Ground Break Date:

Community Size:

Number of Homes: 

Total Residents: 

Completion Date:



Number of Villages:




3,400 acres


Approx. 12,050 homes

Approx. 30,000

20-25 years

$4.3 billion

9 anticipated

Douglas County

8, including Parkwood, Lennar, CalAtlantic, Richmond, Wonderland, Meritage, Taylor Morrison, Brookfield

Commercial Space:

Jobs Created:

Major Nearby Employers:

Metropolitan District:

2 million square feet

Approximately 9,000

Lockheed Martin, Charles Schwab, Children's Hospital Colorado, DISH, among many others.

Anticipated to be included into one of seven metropolitan districts, known as the Sterling Ranch Colorado Metropolitan District Nos. 1 - 7.  More info. below.

Current Schools:

Future Schools:


Roxborough Primary (grades K-2)

Roxborough Intermediate (grades 3-6)

Ranch View Middle School (grades 7-8)

ThunderRidge High School (grades 9-12)

5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school anticipated to be built.

1 Gig speed (CenturyLink)

HOA/CAB Fees for Residents:

Providence Village

Number of Homes:


800 homes

Metropolitan District

The Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board (CAB) performs all functions for the Metropolitan Districts (water, sewer, etc.). The CAB is controlled by an eleven (11) member board of directors. District No. 1 has the right to appoint representatives to fill five (5) of the board seats and each of the Districts, Nos. 2-7, have the right to appoint representatives to fill one (1) board seat.

85 acres

5 miles of trails with access to 30 miles of trails that will connect to Roxborough and Chatfield State Parks

Civic center, recreation center, church

Open Space:


One last note. Keep in mind Sterling Ranch is currently under construction, and as is common with large, in-flight master developments, various aspects of the community may change over time. It will take 20-25 years to completely build out all 9 Villages, and by then we may have self-driving cars and who knows what else. Sterling Ranch (and the info. above) will have to grow – and change - as time goes on. All the numbers and data set forth above are estimates only.

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