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Your quick guide to summer camping in Chatfield State Park

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

With 197 campsites, you can experience summer camping in Colorado - just 3 miles north of Sterling Ranch

Summer and camping go together, and one of the benefits of living in Sterling Ranch is having a world class park - Chatfield State Park - a short drive, bike ride, or even walk away (the park entrance is about 3 miles from the Sterling Center). A great summertime activity for people of all ages, from children to grandparents, is camping at Chatfield. Here are some of the basics you need to know.

Chatfield has four separate camping areas with a total of 197 camping sites. All of the campsites are surrounded by native prairie grasses and are a short stroll away from the lake, so you can fish or go on a hike before you turn in for the night. There are plenty of picnic tables and grills, and depending on which site you select, you'll have access to plenty of amenities (if you want them).

146 of the camping sites have water, sewer, and electricity if you need them, and the electrical pedestals have a 20, 30, and 50 amp plug. If you haven't gathered, this is not backcountry, Colorado Trail-style camping (by the way, did you know the trailhead for the famous Colorado Trail lies just west of Sterling Ranch?). These are well-equipped, family-friendly campsites perfect for motor homes, trailers, and car camping. Even showers and laundry services are available for an additional fee.

Campsite #195 in Chatfield State Park.

As a quick aside, my husband's first camping experience when he was a boy was at Chatfield, and he said it's a great spot for those who might not camp often, or those who have younger children and want to test the waters, so to speak, before they do any off-the-grid camping. You're always just a short car ride away from civilization, which is reassuring for parents, but the kids will get to experience camping and all the lessons it teaches. For example, my husband said he left a soda outside his tent that first trip and when he took a drink the next morning, he spit out the soda instantly because a few little bugs had crawled into the can. Now that's a lesson - there are bugs out there, and they love sugar!

Keep in mind that you need to reserve your campsite well in advance (here's the website where you can reserve a site), and you'll need both a parks pass and a camping permit. Also, given it's fire season, be sure to verify whether there's a fire ban or not before you start a campfire.

Check out the detailed map of the four campgrounds below. For orientation purposes, Sterling Ranch is 5 minutes south of the campground via car. To get to the campground from Providence Village, just hop on Titan Road and go north on Roxborough Park Road for 5 minutes until you run into the park entrance.

And last but not least, Chatfield is undergoing a massive $160 million project, known as the Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project. The park is almost doubling the size of the water portion of the reservoir (which is great news!), as well as making many other upgrades. Check out this Roundup post for all the cool details. Regardless, if you plan on camping at Chatfield, be sure to check Chatfield's website for news related to the Project that might impact your night under the stars.

Happy Camping Sterling Ranch!

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