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What will a new construction home *really* cost you?

Follow me as I tour a Parkwood model home and discuss standards v. upgrades

As your Sterling Ranch new construction realtor, I'm often asked what's included - and not included - in the base price of different Sterling Ranch homes.

For example, what's a "standard" kitchen island, and what does an upgraded island look like (see 2:50 of the video)?

Or if you want to add a porch, how much is the upgrade cost (see 5:00 of the video)?

In this video I tour a Parkwood model home in Stapleton for Focus Real Estate's sister website the Stapleton Scoop ( Everything I discuss applies to Sterling Ranch as well.

One of the services I offer my Sterling Ranch clients is an estimated "all-in" budget for their Lennar, Richmond, Wonderland, or any other builder they choose - before they sign their purchase contract. I lean on my extensive upgrade and design center experience (I feel like I’m at the design center every week!) to help get you as precise a number as possible.

Also, I take pride in helping clients achieve a certain design "look" - within their budget - by understanding what can and can't be upgraded. In short, one of my goals is to help you maximize the impact of every upgrade dollar you spend (see 4:30 of the video for more)!

Mariel Ross is a Sterling Ranch realtor who specializes in helping clients budget for, design, and build their Sterling Ranch dream homes. At Focus Real Estate we've helped clients build hundreds of new homes around Denver with Lennar, Parkwood, Richmond, Wonderland, and many other builders. Learn more about what I do here. If you'd like more information, shoot me a note at and be sure to "Like" the Roundup on Facebook. The Sterling Ranch Roundup is powered by Focus Real Estate.

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