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What's next for Sterling Ranch - 2019 and beyond

New villages, builders, schools, parks, pools, splashpads, and more

Sterling Ranch's first community, Providence Village

As many of you know, Sterling Ranch’s first community, Providence Village, is under construction off Titan Road. There are already more than 200 residents in Providence Village today; there are also up to 200 additional homes under construction, as well as 200 lots being prepared right now. On the retail front, UCHealth already opened in the Sterling Center, and Atlas Coffee, Lake Family Dental, and Grist Brewing Company will be opening soon.

Believe it or not, but with around 800 total homes scheduled to go into Providence Village, and the Sterling Center filling up with tenants, the neighborhood will be complete before we know it!

So … what’s next?

Ascent Village

Here at the Roundup we chat with Sterling Ranch’s builders on a daily basis. We're checking on lot availability, pricing out upgrades (so our clients have an idea of what their new home will cost before they sign a contract), working with the builders to do these amazing 3D tours for our clients, and even doing pre-drywall and punchlist inspections with our clients and their builders. The short story is we talk to the builders a lot.

One thing we've noticed about our conversations recently is is that while the builders are earnestly focused on Providence Village, attention is also starting to turn to Sterling Ranch’s next community, Ascent Village.

Ascent Village is highlighted in teal on the right side of the map

Ascent Village could be more than 440 acres in size, with approximately 1,705 available lots amongst 8 or more builders. Preliminary plans suggest that part of Ascent could be set aside for another Douglas County school for Sterling Ranch residents. This school would be in addition to the school anticipated to be built in Providence Village just a few hundred yards west of the Sterling Center, which already has a dedicated 12.5 acre lot (the lot is close to the "Information Center").

If you look closely at the map above, you'll see a light blue potential school site within the teal color of Ascent Village. (Note: Sterling Ranch currently pays a fee to Douglas County Schools for each lot sold in Sterling Ranch, which helps with school funding).

And what about the homes going into Ascent?

Parkwood's model home in Providence Village

Well, the western portion of Ascent could include condominiums, townhomes, cluster homes, and traditional single family homes - so more in line with Providence Village. The eastern portion could end up being a little different. The eastern portion is anticipated to have single family homes, cluster homes, and an age-targeted community with duplexes and single family homes. The age-targeted community could have age-targeted amenities, and it could also be gated.

Given the variety of homes that might be available (condominiums, townhomes, single family homes) and some of the potential price points we’ve heard from different builders (more $400K - $500K base price options than in Providence Village), this could be a great neighborhood for younger couples, empty nesters, and others looking for homes below $500K. Though of course we expect a range of prices - anywhere from $325K to $1M+.

There will also be at least one new builder.

At the end of last year, the Roundup reported that Tri Pointe Homes closed on the acquisition of 54 lots in Ascent Village. We expect pre-sales to start in the next 12-18 months, and Tri Pointe’s homes could start in the mid-$400Ks (check out the Tri Pointe home theater in the picture!)

Public filings also indicate that another new builder – Dream Finders – could have around 177 lots available in Ascent Village. We’ll feature Dream Finders in a future Sterling Ranch Roundup article when more information becomes available.

Sales of lots in Ascent could start in 2019.

Prospect Village

The community after Ascent Village will be Prospect Village, which is next to Roxborough.

Here’s a rather entrancing drone flyby Youtube video of Prospect Village uploaded by Jim Yates, CEO of the Sterling Ranch Development Company:

In terms of timing, we’ve heard that earthwork on Prospect Village could start in mid-to-late 2019. Infrastructure installations could occur in late 2019 until mid-2020. Vertical building is tentatively slated for 2020-2021.

Prospect Village could have a sledding hill in the northern section of the neighborhood as well as an 8 acre community park. There could also be a pool and/or splash pad, which would be great for children.

We’re anticipating that Prospect will have 60+ acres of open space, parks, and trails. (By the way, Ascent Village will also have ample open space.) For context, that means more than 1/3rd of Prospect could be open and available for outdoor use!

Approximately 655 homes will be built in Prospect Village, including around 345 single family homes and 310 single family attached units. The single family homes could be ranches and two-story homes, with both front-loaded and alley-loaded options. The attached units could be townhomes, duplexes, and three and four-plexs.


Solstice will be located at the top of the photo, close to Chatfield Reservoir

Separate from Sterling Ranch and its villages, Shea Homes is building a new community just south of Chatfield Reservoir and north of Sterling Ranch called Solstice. Douglas County approved the new community in 2017, and preliminary work on the site has begun. Given its proximity to Sterling Ranch, I wanted to briefly talk about Solstice in this post as well.

Solstice borders the southeastern perimeter of Chatfield Reservoir and will include up to 1,1oo Shea homes. The High Line Canal will play a prominent role in the community, and there could be another Douglas county school built in the community. That means between Solstice and Sterling Ranch there could be 9 additional new Douglas County schools south of Chatfield (Sterling Ranch could have 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school).

So there you have it - 2019 and beyond for Sterling Ranch and Solstice!

As your Sterling Ranch new construction realtor and new home designer, I help my clients pick the right builder and budget for, design, sign a contract for, and build their Sterling Ranch dream homes. At Focus Real Estate we've helped clients build hundreds of new homes around Denver. Let us help you go from thinking "Building a new home sounds a little scary, but also exciting - where do I start?" to sitting in your new, amazing bathtub in your new master bathroom. Learn more about what I do here. If you'd like more information, shoot me a note at mariel@focus-realtors any time and be sure to "Like" the Roundup on Facebook!

One last note. Keep in mind Sterling Ranch is currently under construction, and as is common with large, in-flight master developments, various aspects of the community, from the village designs, features, price points, builders, and more, could and likely will change over time. So tune into the Roundup - we'll keep you updated as the villages evolve!

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