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Want a new home ... but can't wait to build one?

CalAtlantic has 5 new homes available in its Sterling Ranch 5000 Series

CalAtlantic's 5000 Series current spec home inventory

Here at Focus Real Estate we've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to help hundreds of our clients go all the way from dirt lot to spectacular, "best-of-everything" home in Sterling Ranch and other Denver communities over the years. Given this experience, we're often asked how long the entire home building process takes, from the day you sign your contract until the day you move in.

The answer is simple: it depends on the builder.

Generally, it takes builders 6-18 months to build a home right now in Sterling Ranch and similar communities in Denver. Larger, national builders are often on the faster end of the timeline, while smaller and semi-custom builders are on the longer end. The reasons are many. National homebuilders often have more labor/supplies available, which helps with efficiencies; national builders tend to allow fewer customizations, so the design process is shorter; etc.

Regardless, sometimes buyers want a new home ... but can't wait 6-18 months. Well, for every problem there's a solution!

CalAtlantic and other builders in Sterling Ranch often have a select inventory of homes called quick move-ins or spec homes available. A spec home is a new home a builder is building but doesn't have a buyer for yet (check out this Roundup post if you want to know more about spec homes). If you can't wait for a new home to be built but still want a brand-new, professionally-designed, "best-of-everything" home, spec homes are 100% the way to go.

I'm a big fan of CalAtlantic's 5000 Series, and especially the floorplans with the mid-century modern elevations. Many of us have flirted with the mid-century modern design aesthetic before, and I'll be the first to admit I'm now in a full-blown relationship with the design! A new CalAtlantic home with a mid-century modern flair is a lovely pairing.

An available Redwood C located at 7867 Owl Creek Circle, Littleton, Colorado

If you have questions about any of CalAtlantic's available homes, as your Sterling Ranch real estate expert I'd love to help! E-mail any time at

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