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Vanderbilt University & Sterling Ranch - A unique partnership

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Vanderbilt University researchers are working hand-in-hand with Sterling Ranch developers to build a futuristic, sustainable community that will double as a living lab

This is about as exciting as it gets for Sterling Ranch residents, in my opinion. Vanderbilt University is partnering with Sterling Ranch, engaging with all of you, the local community, and Sterling Ranch’s planning, engineering, and technology providers, to collaborate on research, development, design, and implementation of environmentally and user friendly sustainable systems and technology in our neighborhood.

In short, Sterling Ranch has asked Vanderbilt's undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty to create a community that brings you the next generation of innovation in design, education, science, and technology.

Even shorter - a world class university is focusing on making Sterling Ranch awesome.

Awesome indeed!

One set of Vanderbilt-led projects will include creating the next generation of cyber-physical systems that integrate software to monitor and manage water quality and usage in our community. Another set of projects will explore a flexible energy grid that can transition seamlessly from rooftop solar power to other electricity sources without causing blackouts. Undergraduates will work on a model sustainable home to be used as a prototype for the homebuilders who have been approved to work in Sterling Ranch. Once it’s built, the house will then serve as a learning lab on the property.

Education also will play a major role in Vanderbilt’s partnership with Sterling Ranch. This is great news for everyone with school-age children. Working with local school officials in Douglas County, already one of Colorado’s highest-performing districts, Vanderbilt and Sterling Ranch will explore an education innovation zone that merges community interests and local assets - for example, exploring outdoor education using city parks or partnering with local tech firms.

Here are a few more projects/potential ways Vanderbilt will be involved in Sterling Ranch:

  • Bringing next generations of innovation – design, education, science, and technology

  • Trans-institutional and Multi-disciplinary Vertical Integration of Education and Research

  • Undergraduate research and honor’s projects

  • Senior design projects

  • Graduate research and capstone projects

  • Internships

  • Vanderbilt Week at Sterling Ranch

  • Sterling Ranch serves as a “test bed”

  • Exploring current Sterling Ranch Partners (Siemen’s, IBM, Exel, County Commissioners, School Board, Lockheed-Martin, United Launch Alliance…)

  • Vanderbilt-led partnerships (DOE, EPA, DOEd, NSF, NREL, NETL, Private Foundations…)

Finally, here's a picture of Vanderbilt Day at Sterling Ranch in 2016. Vanderbilt is already boots-on-the-ground in our community.

Go Commodores!


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