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The moment you've been waiting for - new Parkwood lots!

After strong sales in Sterling Ranch, Parkwood Homes announced the release of 13 new spectacular homesites

A rare commodity in Sterling Ranch these days is an available Parkwood homesite. As a high quality, semi-custom homebuilder with a reputation for innovation and craftmanship, the demand for Parkwoods in Sterling Ranch has been, well, through the roof.

We've written extensively about Parkwood in the Sterling Ranch Roundup, including this profile of the grand Parkwood Saybrook (here's a video tour of the Saybrook), this article on the amazing basement possibilities Parkwood offers, and even this post on the Parkwood model's profile at dusk. Needless to say, we expect these new Parkwood homesites to go quickly.

If you're interested in building a Parkwood, I've helped clients purchase and build many Parkwoods. I even built and live in my own! I'd love to help you understand the lot premiums, build-out costs, and floorplan availability. E-mail me any time at

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