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The future of home photos is here

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Building a new home? Buying or selling a home? Virtual tours are a "must-do"

Image of a client's Parkwood from the roof down during the pre-drywall stage. Full tour here.

If you've been keeping up with the latest in residential real estate, you've likely started to see 3D virtual tours of homes that are listed for sale in Denver. If you're not familiar, here's an example of a 3D tour of a beautiful Wonderland we listed in Stapleton recently (Wonderland also builds homes in Sterling Ranch - check out these gorgeous spec homes).

You can "walk" through every room on your phone or laptop and even use VR goggles to further immerse yourself while "touring". Here at Focus Real Estate, we can even take accurate measurements anywhere in the home for you, which is valuable if you want to, for example, figure out if you can fit a king size bed in the guest bedroom or if you're curious whether the garage is big enough for a work area.

But what if you're building a new home?

One of the services I offer you as your Sterling Ranch real estate expert are professional 3D virtual tours of your new home - at no cost to you - both at the pre-drywall stage, and when your house is finished. Here's an example of a pre-drywall tour of a lovely Parkwood we're helping a client build. You'll know where every electrical wire, plumbing fixture, stud, and so on is - before your drywall ever goes up!

Master bath - never wonder where electrical, plumbing, and studs are again! Full tour here.

If you're thinking about building a new Parkwood, Wonderland, CalAtlantic, Lennar, or any other builder home in Sterling Ranch, I'd love to tell you about the services we offer. From droning lots to negotiating incentives for you to 3D virtual tours, we are your Sterling Ranch new-build experts.

Regardless, look for 3D virtual tours to become the norm for all homes, both resales and new-builds, within the next 24 months. The future of home photos is here!

E-mail me any time at I'd love to chat with you!

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