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The best grocery store in Colorado

Just 15 minutes south of Sterling Ranch, the new 68 aisle, 124,000 square foot King Soopers Marketplace may just be the best large grocery store in Colorado

One interesting aspect of a new community like Sterling Ranch is that many of the resources residents use every day - from health care providers to gas stations to grocery stores - aren't yet embedded in the community. Speaking specifically of grocery stores, there are many great, nearby options in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Castle Rock. But until Sterling Ranch grows a bit more and starts adding its own stores, what's the "local's secret" in terms of which grocery store Sterling Ranch residents might want to check out?

In my humble opinion, the King Soopers Marketplace in Castle Rock is the nicest, big grocery store my husband and I have visited in Colorado. The grocery store opened last summer and has 68 aisles (!), boasts a 124,000 square foot footprint, and employs over 100 people. You may be surprised when I tell you the store has a gas station, Starbucks, CU health clinic (a "Little Clinic"), a U.S. Bank branch, a Western Union, a Murray's specialty cheese station, an olive bar, a sushi bar, and a drive-through pharmacy - all under the same roof, and all in addition to 68 aisles of food and retail.

But what makes this particular King Soopers especially unique from my perspective is the sheer quantity of available grocery and food-related items on the shelves. The store is more similar to a Super Target or a Wal-Mart, except instead of being mostly retail with maybe 25% grocery store items, the store is mostly grocery with retail sprinkled in. Just to give you an example of the scale of the food operations, the deli counter boasts 5 separate meat cutting stations - the most I've ever seen in one grocery store.

To get to the new King Soopers from Sterling Ranch, simply take Highway 85 (Santa Fe) south until you reach Promenade Parkway, and then turn left into the parking lot. The drive takes between 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, so while it's not the closest grocery store to Sterling Ranch, it's still worth checking out!

When's the last time you saw a Lego section like this in a grocery store?

How does a sushi burrito for lunch sound?

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