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Sterling Ranch in the Denver Post

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

"[M]ore bang for the buck than Denver's pricier neighborhoods" says the Post about Sterling Ranch's Roxborough - Chatfield corridor

Roxborough State Park, just a few minutes west of Providence Village.

Here's a good article in the Denver Post about Denver's real estate market. Check out the section titled "80125 - Roxborough, Chatfield" toward the bottom of the article for a short commentary on Sterling Ranch and the Roxborough-Chatfield corridor.

I'm not sure I agree with the "Highlands Ranch in the foothills" description of Sterling Ranch - there are a number of differences between the communities, from the geography to the builders involved to the use of outdoor space and even the ultimate master plan for the community - but I found the article an interesting read nonetheless.

And be sure to check out the 32.5% price appreciation for the relevant zip code, plus the dwindling housing inventory (down 6.3%). This is good news for Sterling Ranch homeowners!

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