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Let's break it down! Taxes and HOA in Sterling Ranch

So what exactly are the HOA and taxes you’ll be paying as a homeowner in Sterling Ranch?

Graphic available from the CAB at Numbers subject to change.

"What are the HOA fees and property taxes if I buy in Sterling Ranch?"

This is a question we get asked often here at Focus Real Estate.

Home office in a Sterling Ranch home from Parkwood

Let's start with the HOA fees. To put it simply, there currently is no HOA governing Sterling Ranch. That said, the community is governed by a board called the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board (CAB), which is similar to a HOA in a number of ways. So instead of paying HOA fees residents pay CAB fees.

That's probably the biggest area of confusion when it comes to HOA and taxes in Sterling Ranch. Why? Because while a lot of new construction communities in Denver have a separate HOA as well as property taxes, Sterling Ranch bundles some of those fees together, while separating out other fees like water and trash (more on those below).

Check out the wonderful graphic above from the CAB. I use this graphic often to help clients interested in moving to Sterling Ranch better understand how the community fees work, and what they'll likely be paying. You can see that the CAB estimates you're getting about $265/month of HOA value through your CAB fees/taxes - without actually paying a HOA fee.

And what about other fees? Other fees you’ll pay directly to the applicable service provider. You’ll pay the Internet Service Fee to Century Link when you set-up your account (by the way, Sterling Ranch Internet access is very 21st century - it's the first 1 Gig Internet community in Colorado), as an example.

Here's a breakdown of water and other potential fees as well - another great graphic from the CAB.

Graphic on the CAB website. Subject to change.

So hopefully this gives you a good idea of some of the fees you'll potentially be paying in Sterling Ranch. Keep in mind the numbers and fees in this articles are estimates and potentially not comprehensive, and the fee amounts, and the nature, type, and number of fees, can and likely will change over time. This is especially possible given how new the Sterling Ranch community is and the projected final size of the community. Also, there may be other fees that this article doesn't address. Please consult with your realtor and the CAB for current information.

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