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Is a national preschool moving into Sterling Ranch?

Douglas County filings suggest a new daycare could be in the works

Here at the Roundup we've heard excited rumors from our Sterling Ranch friends and clients about a new national preschool potentially being built in the community. We're excited about the possibility, too!

As a fast-growing neighborhood with many families already living here, and with more headed our direction (Sterling Ranch grew by over 300 households in 2019 alone, and with hundreds of more amazing lots coming available in Ascent Village in 2020 and future neighborhoods we're expecting another banner growth year) Sterling Ranch seems due for an amazing childcare facility.

We looked into the rumor, and here's what we know today:

Though nothing official has been announced yet, and plans of course are always tentative and could change, at least according to late 2019 Douglas County public filings a new daycare may be in the works. The exact location of the facility would likely be the west end of the Sterling Center parking lot along Titan Road.

The proposed building would be 2-stories tall and would sit on a 3+ acre lot. An early site plan shows the facility could have three playgrounds - one for early preschool, one for preschool, and one additional general playground, with a variety of play structures for children.

On the parking front, it appears there may be a surplus of around 26 parking spaces in the Sterling Center parking lot and approximately 25 on-street parking spaces along Piney River Avenue and Taylor River Circle. The number of spaces required for the day care is 0.3 per person based on licensed enrollment, so the total number of parking spaces will likely go hand-in-hand with how big the preschool is from an enrollment perspective.

Word on the street is that this daycare/preschool may be a nationally-recognized school with over 20 locations in Colorado alone!

Last but not least, while we don't have information on timing of the preschool, the filings, including a site plan, were filed in late 2019. So it seems the process has begun, and we'll have to see if this new amenity comes online in late 2020 or 2021.

So that's what we know today. Again, this is all tentative and plans could change, but we're so excited about the prospect of a new preschool. Add to the potential new preschool Sterling Ranch's new recreation center (Recreation center roof goes up), and 2020 could be a big year for new amenities!

Our friends at the Sterling Ranch developer level of course can't comment on this particular facility yet, but they did let us know that they are: "always actively pursuing new amenities for our residents, and that it has been a top priority to bring a high quality early childcare center at Sterling Ranch to serve our growing community."

We'll see what happens, but we wanted to let you know what we know!

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