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Home deals in Sterling Ranch - right now!

If you're looking for a deal, the winter can be a great time to buy a home in Sterling Ranch

This available CalAtlantic "The Pinnacles" home will be finished in December 2018

We've all heard that Denver's home resale market slows in the winter. While this might be true for the resale market, it's not necessarily true for the new home market. Builders often try to close out the fourth quarter with a bang - the goal is to sell lots and quick move-ins in December so the builders (1) book as much revenue as possible in 2018, and (2) start 2019 fresh with new lots and new homes.

Here at Focus Real Estate we diligently track Sterling Ranch's builders and the incentives they offer, and this December is already heating up! Historically, we've seen different builders offer free basements, design center credits, and reduced lot premiums to help move homes - but of course it depends on the builder and your timing. Check out some of the available incentives below!

Wonderland is selling its Meadowlark model home located at 9834 Hilberts Way, Littleton

Shoot me a note at, and I'd be happy to help answer any questions about the builder you're interested in and the incentives you might qualify for. Like I've covered in previous Roundup posts, incentives aren't always well-promoted, so the onus is on you and your realtor to track and push for the incentives you feel you qualify for. And since I mentioned realtors, if you're interested in building, say, a Richmond, Brookfield, or any other home in Sterling Ranch and you're not sure how a realtor fits into the new-build process, check out this post for all the details (including the cost - spoiler, my services are free to you!).


How does a $50,000 discount sound? Meritage's "Home for the Holidays" Sales Event is one of the best deals around right now. If you purchase a Meritage quick move-in home (i.e., one of the homes Meritage has recently finished building) before 11/30/18 and close before 12/31/18, you may be eligible to receive up to a $50,000 discount on your home. Other restrictions and limitations apply. I wouldn't be surprised if Meritage offers another incentive package in December, but no guarantees, so jump on this while you still can!


If you register with Lennar and finance through Lennar's preferred lender, you are eligible for up to a $5,000 credit at closing if you purchase a quick move-in home (i.e., a home that's already been built) in Sterling Ranch before 12/30/18.

In October, Lennar and its sister company, CalAtlantic, were advertising that up to 47 quick move-in homes could come onto the market over the next 6 or so months in Sterling Ranch. So you have lots of options!


If you purchase a Richmond home in Sterling Ranch, Richmond is offering either $2,500 in design options and upgrades if you build your own home, or an extended rate lock for almost a year to protect you from interest rate increases if you purchase a quick move-in that closes before 12/31/18. The design credit can be used toward options and upgrades at the Richmond American Home Gallery™ or design center; however, the offer expires 11/30/18 (like Meritage's incentive program, I wouldn't be surprised if another incentive program is offered in December). As for the rate lock, the offer is available if you finance through Richmond's preferred lender. Other restrictions and limitations apply for both offers.

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