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HOA Corner: What's the word on composting?

Sterling Ranch has specific rules about composting waste at your home

As your Sterling Ranch real estate expert, I'm often asked what you can - and can't - do in and to your Sterling Ranch home. We thought the Sterling Ranch Roundup would be a helpful forum to answer the frequently asked questions we've received. Keep in mind the community's rules and regulations, ownership guidelines, design review processes, and other policies change over time, so check first with the Community Authority Board (the CAB is Sterling Ranch's equivalent to a HOA) regarding your particular issue. In other words, don't rely exclusively on this Roundup post - ask your realtor or the CAB for the latest and great information.

With that said, on to today's question!

Question: What are the CAB rules on composting?

Good news for those of you who like to compost. According to the Sterling Ranch Residential Property Owners Guidebook (June 2017 version), you don’t need CAB approval so long as you follow these rules:

(1) Your composting bin can only be in your backyard and must be 5 feet from your property line. No front or side yards allowed.

(2) Your bin needs to be a commercial-grade plastic bin that's been designed for home compost use, it needs to have a secure lid, and it can't be larger than 48” in any dimension. So no open-topped wire or board pens or containers - you need an off-the-shelf, secure, plastic composting bin. Also, underground composting bins aren't allowed.

(3) Last, and perhaps most importantly, be respectful of your neighbors - so make sure you don't let your bin become a nuisance (control the odor!). In fact, this is the overarching theme behind the CAB's composting rules. The CAB doesn't have an issue with composting, but they will have an issue if your composting adversely impacts your neighbors. Sterling Ranch is a denser, walkable, modern community, so be kind and courteous to those around you!

Last, last note - remember there are always state and local rules and regulations that apply to waste and waste management.

If you have a question you would like the Roundup to look into, feel free to e-mail me at As your Sterling Ranch real estate expert, I'm just as interested in finding out the answers to your questions as you are! We will continue to post FAQs, and answers to those FAQs, from time to time so please check back with the Roundup often!

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