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HOA Corner: Can I add a deck to my home?

If you'd like to add a deck to the front, side, or rear of your Sterling Ranch home, here are the CAB rules

As your Sterling Ranch real estate expert, I'm often asked what you can - and can't - do in and to your Sterling Ranch home. We thought the Sterling Ranch Roundup would be a helpful forum to answer the frequently asked questions we've received. Keep in mind the community's rules and regulations, ownership guidelines, design review processes, and other policies change over time, so check first with the Community Authority Board (the CAB is Sterling Ranch's equivalent to a HOA) regarding your particular issue. In other words, don't rely exclusively on this Roundup post - ask your realtor or the CAB for the latest and great information.

With that said, on to today's question!

Question: Can I add a deck to the front, side, or back of my home?

According to the Sterling Ranch Residential Property Owners Guidebook (June 2017 version), you can build a deck without CAB Design Review Committee ("DRC") approval so long as all of the following conditions are met:

(1) The deck is installed directly behind your home;

(2) The deck is setback at least 15 feet from your rear property line;

(3) No part of the deck or stairs extend beyond the sides of your home;

(4) The deck is constructed of top grade redwood or cedar, or high grade Trex material or an equivalent in a color complementary to the home;

(5) The deck is not larger than 25% of the rear yard area; and

(6) The deck is no more than 30 inches high from ground level at any point, and is not covered.

All other decks must be submitted to the DRC for review and approval/disapproval. So for example, you'll need to work with the DRC if you're considering installing a deck on the front or side of your home, but not the rear of your home so long as (1)-(6) above are met.

If you need DRC approval, you'll need to submit the following items: a description of the materials; information on the height, width, and depth of the finished structure; photos or illustrations of what the finished product will look like; color samples; and a diagram of where the structure will be placed on the lot, including setbacks from property lines and utility easements.

If you're considering adding a deck cover, or enclosing your deck, you'll also need to go through the DRC. When you submit your proposal for your deck cover, you'll need to include information on the type of materials, color of materials, truss system (if applicable), height, amount of deck to be covered, and photos or renderings demonstrating compatibility with the architectural style of the home. For your enclosed deck, you'll need to submit the type of materials, color of materials, height of walls, amount of deck to be enclosed, door and window materials, and photos or renderings demonstrating compatibility with the architectural style of the home.

Keep in mind that when doing any construction work in Douglas County, you may need building permits or other governmental approvals, regardless of whether DRC approval is required or not for your deck.

If you have a question you would like the Roundup to look into, feel free to e-mail me at Mariel@Focus-Realtors.com. As your Sterling Ranch real estate expert, I'm just as interested in finding out the answers to your questions as you are! We will continue to post FAQs, and answers to those FAQs, from time to time so please check back with the Roundup often!

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