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HOA, CAB, and other fees in Sterling Ranch - 2018 Update

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

So what exactly are the HOA and other community fees you’ll be paying as a homeowner in Sterling Ranch?

Clients of mine interested in building homes in Sterling Ranch often ask me about the HOA and similar fees they'll be paying as a homeowner. Well, the answer is it’s a little complicated.

I discussed the role and structure of the Community Authority Board (CAB) – Sterling Ranch’s version of a HOA – in a prior Roundup post, so I won’t go into too much detail here about the CAB. Suffice to say there is no HOA and therefore no HOA fees, but the CAB functions similar to a HOA, and you’ll pay CAB fees instead of HOA fees.

You’ll pay some of the fees detailed below directly to the CAB. For example, the CAB will invoice you directly for water use. Other fees you’ll pay directly to the applicable service provider. You’ll pay the Internet Service Fee to Century Link when you set-up your account (by the way, Sterling Ranch Internet access is very 21st century - Providence Village is the first 1 Gig Internet community in Colorado), as an example.

On the subject of water, my clients tend to find the fact that indoor water usage rates are lower than outdoor water usage rates interesting – and I always tell them that the staggered fees are intentional. Sterling Ranch's goal is help you, as a homeowner, manage your water use with real-time analytics, and also to help incentivize you to use your outdoor water wisely through smart irrigation practices, water-friendly landscaping, and so on.

The good news is that you’ll have more tools than almost any homeowner in Colorado to manage your water use. Between your dual-water metering system, your home automation system (Steward), and your home's smart irrigation controllers (Rachio), you'll be able to optimize your use real-time - and therefore manage your water bill as perfectly as anyone in Colorado. These systems are included in every home, which I think is a great asset for homeowners!

The new 2018 estimated CAB fees are set forth below. Keep in mind these are estimates, and the fee amounts, and the nature, type, and number of fees, can and likely will change over time, especially given how new the Sterling Ranch community is and the projected final size of the community. Also, the fees do not include property taxes. Here's a Roundup post on property taxes.

Finally, if you’re interested in building in Sterling Ranch, I’d love to help you navigate the process. And if you’re curious, here’s more information on how a realtor like me fits into the new-build process, and also what it costs you (quick spoiler - it costs you nothing!). Contact me any time at I've helped clients build over 50 homes in the last 3 years and would love to help you, too!

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