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Denver’s housing inventory remains tight - January 2018

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Here's a great article the Denver Post published this week on the housing shortage Denver is facing (link below). This line struck me:

“There were 3,869 homes and condos available for sale at the end of January, a record low for the month, and about 3 percent less than in January 2017."

Developers in communities like Sterling Ranch continue to build, build, and build, but the housing shortage we've been seeing the past few years continues to be a persistent issue. The short story is that transplants continue to move to Denver in record numbers - for jobs, for lifestyle, and many other reasons. All our new friends need housing, be it owned or leased. And there simply aren't enough houses and condos in Denver to accommodate the growth.

If you're a buyer in the Denver metro area, you probably know how competitive the resale market is. A number of my listings over the past 60 days have gone under contract almost instantly after being listed - and received multiple, competitive offers - which is great for sellers, but it can be tough for buyers.

So ... if you're burned out on the resale market, I understand! Keep in mind that you can opt out of Denver's resale market by building a home in Sterling Ranch. You don't have to throw in an offer on a house ten minutes after you tour it, and then lose to an all-cash, 115% of list price offer. The new-build market is a different, slower market, with a more deliberate, nuanced process, and while competitive, it's not the same as the resale market.

If you're interested, I would love to help coach you through building your Sterling Ranch dream home!

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