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A short case for third floors in Sterling Ranch (look at that view!)

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Here's a photograph I took from the third floor of a Parkwood Saybrook Brewster in Providence Village. Even with the the ongoing construction below, the views are spectacular. You can see from Mt. Evans in the north to Pike's Peak in the south - virtually unobstructed.

One of the advantages Sterling Ranch has over many other new home communities are the incredible, almost close-enough-to-touch mountain views. As just one example of a Sterling Ranch home with great views, check out this view from a Taylor Morrison going up next to Burns Park (still available for purchase!). Lot elevation is important, too, for maximizing your sight lines - for example, check out these available Wonderland lots. Higher elevation lots and big vistas are great for you as homeowner, and perhaps even better for you as a potential seller of your home in the future.

A general rule of thumb I like to use with my Sterling Ranch clients is that you should try to pick a lot, builder, and model that give you relatively unobstructed views from at least 2 sides of your second floor if you intend to build a two story home. If you're lucky enough to have a third floor, odds are you'll have incredible, almost panoramic views from your entire third floor - and a big advantage when you resell.

I've mentioned this in prior Roundup posts, but if you're considering building a home in Sterling Ranch be sure to ask your realtor to use a drone and film the views you'll have from your future second (and perhaps third) floors. If views are part of your investment thesis when deciding to build, make sure you know exactly what those views will look like!

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