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A brand-new 3 bedroom home available in April for $442,900

Lennar has another quick move-in single family home available in April of 2018 in Sterling Ranch - a beautiful Ash, with the Colorado Foothills Elevation. The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home includes 1,811 of indoor space and is listed for $442,900. Check out the architectural drawings below!

Also, keep in mind that Sterling Ranch's builders - from Parkwood to Lennar to Taylor Morrison to Wonderland - often have spec. homes, homes that fall out of contract, and former model homes that become available for sale from time to time. I sometimes refer to these homes as part of the "secret inventory" of new homes available in communities like Sterling Ranch.

For example, if you're interested in looking at homes in Sterling Ranch, spec. homes can be a great option. I'll cover the world of spec. homes in detail in a future Roundup post, but in short a “speculative home" is a home that a builder starts building without having a buyer for the home ... yet. Builders often construct homes in groups or blocks, and sometimes there will be a couple homes on a block that haven't sold when it's time for construction to start. It's not always realistic to not start building an unsold home (labor is on-site, pulling permits simultaneously is more efficient, etc.) so the unsold homes are designed and built while the builder looks for a buyer.

In my experience, spec. homes aren't always well-advertised and can be less competitive from a purchase standpoint (important in Denver's frothy market!), so if you're interested in hearing about spec. homes in Sterling Ranch, I'd be happy to help (

The first and second floors of the Ash:

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